Your old costume is somewhere in the basement, hopefully you can remember which box you put it in.

You exit your bedroom on the top floor of your house, and head swiftly downstairs, almost having a heart attack half way down, because your darn cat thinks the stairs are a great place for a nap!

-Couldn’t have slept anywhere else, eh Mittens? You have the whole house to lounge around in, but no, the stairs are your favorite spot. God forbid you should have to nap anywhere else. Why don’t you just take my bed, or would you prefer to sleep in the car I’m still working to pay off? In fact, the whole house is yours now, I’ll just leave the keys outside the kitty condo that you never use.-

You head down the hall, through the kitchen, and open the door to the basement. Cold air rushes up to meet you, you stare down into the blackened abyss, waving your hand in the air, desperately trying to find the pull switch for the dim, flickering light bulb, that is tasked with lighting the entirety of the large lower floor. Your hand finally gains purchase on the thin string, you give it a quick tug and…nothing.

It would appear the light is finally burnt out. Looks as though you are going to have to settle for using that eerily dim flashlight you keep near the top of the steps.

You grab the flashlight and press the button, it takes a second or two, but after a couple flickers, it emits a faint glow of light. You proceed down the steps, each one creaking more than the last. You reach the cold cement floor, there are boxes everywhere, it’ll take ages to find the one with your costume in it.

All you can hope for, is that it may have gotten packed away with your old clothes. You went through all the boxes of Halloween decorations earlier this month, and surely it wasn’t there. After shining the flashlight back and forth through the room several times, you finally spot the box labeled “Old clothes,” and lucky for you, it’s right on the floor, no shelf climbing required.

You walk over to the box, it’s covered in a layer of thick dust. You open the top to reveal a bunch of SPIDERS! There must be at least five of them, hideous, large wolf spiders. Most of them scurry out of the box and away from you, but you notice one burrow deep into the clothes box. You have no time to waste, you start throwing clothes out of the box. Right at the bottom, lay your awesome medieval knight costume! You take hold of your righteous plastic sword and shield, before facing a most hideous foe, upon thy cardboard helm… the spider.