You raise the mighty sword above your head, preparing to strike with the fury of a crusader, surely the gods smile upon you this day! You hear the sound of angels, heavy metal, and radical synthy vibes. A light glows from within you, you have never felt so confident. You bring down your pliable blade with relentless vigor.

Seeming to embrace it’s inevitable doom, the spider raises it’s front two appendages toward the heavens. Your weapon meets it’s final destination, and the spider…

…jumps out of the way, you lost it.

That's really too bad, I totally thought you - HOLY SMOKES IT’S ON YOUR LEG!

You pull back your shield, and in one quick motion, thrust the foul creature into the darkness. You retrieve your costume from the box, and run towards the staircase at near inhuman speed. Your hand grasps the railing of the staircase, you pull yourself onto the stairs, and rush out of the basement, slamming the door behind you, ensuring it is locked.

Things could have gone smoother, but your quest is complete, you have obtained the home made relic…

Armor Of The Cardboard Crusader!