While applying your costume, you can hear the sound of rain slowly build outside, hopefully the sealant on your costume holds up. You grab a comic book, your favorite horror anthology series “Tales From The Cellar Door" and wait peacefully by the window in your living room.

You periodically check the clock above the fireplace, in preparation to meet your friends outside the cemetery at six.

Every year, you and your pals try to meet at a spookier place than the year before, your friend Debra is certain it brings good luck, and better candy over the course of the night. Of course, your friend Mark absolutely hates the tradition. He scares easily, and Debra always makes a point of spooking him as much as possible each time you have gone trick or treating together, it’s a wonder he stills hangs out with the two of you on Halloween.

Some time passes, the rain has already slowed down. You should be heading out any minute now, best not to be late.