I am adding a special new product to my store.

STACEY is a small, self published art mag. I made it with two other artists.

My friend Stephanie Curtis, A high level wizard of graphite, and conjurer of paint!

Her work can be found at

And my friend Josh Power…

…former male prostitute.

He doesn’t have a website yet, check him out on instagram @sloshpower

Once they are gone, they are gone for good.

Lucky for you, we made a boat load!…

…so please buy one.

Choose Your Own Adventure!

This month, I will have a new category available in the literature section.

Choose Your Own Adventure!

I am very excited about this, and have chosen to publish it while under construction.

This means you can go there Right Freakin' Now, And watch the first story be written, While I write it.

Tune in next Friday for the finished product, And see if you can survive...


2018 Merchandise

As Of This February,

The Shop Will Be Stocked With All Sorts Of Fancy New Products!

Various Prints, A New Art Book (Along With An Old One, Previously Un-Released) My First Sticker, And Some Christmas Card Designs Will Also Be Available, Why Wait!

I Will Have A Few Originals Up For Grabs As Well.

All Products Will Be Sold For A Special Price On Launch Day, Stay Tuned.


Candy Cane Dragon Christmas Card

Candy Cane Dragon Christmas Card

Mischief Makers!

After years of failed attempts, I have finally started to build up a small list of characters I plan to use recurringly! I'll be introducing them slowly, as well as telling you about my plans for the future of the project.

Meet Bloody Benjamin!

This Muscled Freak has a Radical Robotic left arm, can wield Awesome magic, and his skull floats in a sphere...Full Of Bood!

He has a +2 to Evil Doing / Being Creepy.

Bloody Benjamin.jpg