Based on a sentence originally spoken by Peter Haynes

The Adventure Begins...


You just woke up from the most wonderful dream!

All the ice cream you could eat, and you weren't lactose intolerant anymore!

But it was just a dream, your body still hates you, and wouldn't you know it, You went and slept like an idiot. Your neck is hurtin' for certain, and your spine is twisted like a damn pretzel. You quickly turn to glance at the clock! which was not only foolish on account of you JUST realizing your neck hurts, But worse yet, You only have five minutes before your shift starts at the Massage Parlor!


Yes, That's right, You probably thought you were the one getting a massage, But No!

That's YOUR dumb job, and now you have to do it with a dumb neck, and a dumb spine that even a mother couldn't love.


You get up and...