Alright, Cool.

So you head out the door full speed, Completely naked, Because that's how you slept.

Thirty-seven minutes and one ticket for exposure later, you arrive at "Nubby's Splat & Pat" Massage parlor.

You place your hand on the door knob, and turn slowly, white knuckled, Eyes shut tight, preparing to be ridiculed for being both late & far too naked for work at an authentic massage parlor.

The door slowly creeps open to a silent room. your left eyelid lifts to reveal an empty lobby.

You step inside, closing the door behind you. 

You walk over to the reception desk, as you go to take a look behind, A BLOODY HAND SWINGS OVER TOP AND GRABS YOU ON THE SHOULDER!

It's Sasha, the desk girl.

She is covered in blood, and missing an eye. She coughs up some blood & begins to speak quietly into your ear.


"The Goblins are back, *cough* Nubby's treasure is left unguarded."


And with that, she falls to the desk, dead...and then slowly slides off the desk.