You make the decision to bravely not call the police, but instead, wander passed the murdered woman, further into the building.

You push the basement door to a full open, and cautiously proceed down the stairs.

The air is extremely cold (Mostly on account of you being naked) you begin to see a faint glow of light coming from the far end of the basement floor.

As you reach the bottom, you see four figures about thirty feet forward, standing near the wall opposite of you.

Swiftly, and quietly, you hide behind a nearby stack of boxes to avoid being seen, as you look over.

Three green creatures dressed in shabby attire, slightly more than two feet tall, stand in front of what appears to be a man tied to a chair.


The fat one steps closer toward the man, and speaks...

"Listen here Nubby!"

He says with a throaty voice

"My patience is starting to wear thin. You just tell me and the boys where the treasure is, And we'll leave you unharmed, understand?"

He hops up onto Nubby's lap and rips a strip of duct tape off his mouth.

Nubby coughs frantically for a second, before spitting in the fat goblins face, and speaking back.

"You'll never get the treasure Fats, So long as I have breath in my body"

Fats wipes the spit off his face, and stares at his palm for second before replying.

"Well, if that's how it is, I guess that's how it is."


He quickly takes a gun out of his back pocket, and shoots Nubby right in the Face!

*BLAM!*    *BLAM!*    *BLAM!*    *BLAM!*    *BLAM!*


"Somebody clean up this trash!"

Fats says, as he hops off Nubbys headless corpse.

"Search the Floor, The treasure has to be here somewhere!"