You crouch low to the ground and quietly move out from behind the boxes.

You press up against the wall, and head toward the goblins, taking cover behind more boxes, pillars, and various objects along the way.

You reach the end of the room, and jump out! striking a heroic pose.

One of the goblins recoils in fear


He shrieks, quickly moving his gaze away from your naked body.

"I'm sorry boss" He says, looking toward Fats.

"They certainly caught me off guard" 


...An awkward silence fills the air, it lingers for a while, until Fats slowly approaches you.

He looks you up and down, cringing first, then leaning slightly to look behind you.

"So, uuuuhh..." He murmurs quietly, before clearing his throat & speaking in a more assertive tone, looking you in the eyes.

"Are there more of you?"

You stand posed with your fists clenched in the air, you move your eyes back and forth across the room, and eventually nod your head slowly, your lips pressed tightly together.

"Alright" He says.

"I will take that as a hard no. Did you bring a gun, or a knife...something, anything?"

He tosses the gun off to the side, and lets out a small laugh, taking a step toward you, a disgusting grin stretched across his face.

"I've raped & killed men twice your size!"


*You burp in fear*


"Look at you. You come down here, not even holding a baseball bat, You have no backup, You are COMPLETELY Naked!"


"What were you thinking!?"