Your look over to your clenched fist, and watch as it tightens.

You hear Fats voice taunting you, you see his mouth moving, but only allow the sound that escapes it to be a whisper in the back of your mind, before it fades to complete silence.

Your perception of reality is changing, as time itself, appears to have slowed around you.

You hear only a triumphant orchestra, angels sing!

You feel a light glowing within your chest.

You were destined to be Victorious This Day!

You take a step forward as you draw your fist back! 

And then, in one glorious motion, you drop to a knee, as you bring your fist towards the small, out of shape goblins face.

His body crumples, now motionless on the ground.


...blood begins to pool around his skull.


...Holy shit. I think you killed him.


The remaining two goblins flee, you can hear one crying.

Fats was absolutely bluffing, He was super brittle.

Your hand doesn't even hurt, it was like punching a cat.