You Vomit.

You Vomit, & vomit, & vomit some more.

Minutes go by, you have never felt this sick.

After managing to catch your breath, you look over to see the small dead goblins lifeless body, his head smashed in like a watermelon.

And wouldn't you know it, More Vomit.

Your vision begins to blur, and eventually, everything fades to black.

When you finally regain consciousness, You are in the most gorgeous room!

Fats is alive, So is Nubby, & Sasha!


They shout, as confetti & balloons fall from the ceiling.

Bizarre as it may seem, this all feels very familiar.

A chill runs down your spine, a literal chill, not a figurative one.


Fats says, with a sinister grin.

As you slowly begin to turn around, you can can hear Nubby reply to Fats

"Why of course he is, The room is full isn't it?"

You come to a complete turn, the room is indeed full.


No, It couldn't be. IT WAS A DREAM!


"All The Ice Cream You Can Eat!"

They chant behind you!

"All The Ice Cream You Can Eat!"

"All The Ice Cream You Can Eat!"

"All The Ice Cream You Can Eat!"