You go across the hall, and enter the washroom.

You turn the shower to hot, then back, A bit too much and now it's cold, you adjust it back again until it's just right and step inside. The water is perfectly warm, you have a quick shower pee, shampoo your hair into a Mohawk, get perfectly clean, and hop out.

You head back to your room and put on your Sunday best, and odd choice for Friday.

You head BACK to the washroom, Brush your teeth, and you are So God DAMN Late!

Seriously, Do you have absolutely no sense of urgency?

Or do you just not care?

Whatever, You head downstairs and grab an apple or something, before heading out to your car.

By the time you make it to "Nubby's Splat & Pat" massage parlor, it's more than an hour past the start of your shift, I hope you have a good excuse for not calling ahead of time.

As you step inside, you notice something seems a little off.

The parlor is not only silent, but completely empty.

As you walk in further, you begin to see something on the wall behind the reception desk.

You step even closer, to see the words "THE GOBLINS HAVE RETURNED" decorating the wall...IN BLOOD!

Your friend, and co-worker, Sasha, lay upon the floor below it, a small knife protruding from her chest. She looks up to you, and with labored breath, she quietly murmurs "The treasure *cough* it's *cough, cough* unguarded, there was nothing I could...could..." 



...She's gone.

And the door to the basement appears left open.