You make the decision to bravely not call the police, but instead, wander passed the murdered woman, further into the building.

You push the basement door to a full open, and cautiously proceed down the stairs.

You begin to see a faint glow of light coming from the far end of the basement floor.

Because the lights are left on.

The lights were left on by whoever killed Sasha, most likely Goblins, remember that bloody message on the wall upstairs?

Guess what! Your boss is dead also.

Yeah, Nubby. He's tied to a chair with a fucking bullet hole through his skull.

Who knows, maybe that's the kind of thing you could have prevented if you actually tried to get here earlier.

But no, you woke up late and just took your fucking time like a moron.

Try having some god damn respect for your job, your behavior pisses me off beyond belief.


Listen, I'm going to do you a favor by letting you start the day over.

Don't dick around this time, alright?