You rush out of the basement, and slam the door!

No way are you going to tango with that hideous creature! Besides, not having a costume isn’t the worst thing in the world, right?

Some time passes and you meet your friends. Your friend Debra is wearing a Teddy Bear costume, complete with bear claw gloves! And your friend Mark has a full Astronaut suit. As the three of you trick or treat, you listen to people compliment their costumes, and smile at your friends as they glare at you out of the corner of their eye! Adults tell you that you are too old to trick or treat, and many say they only give candy to kids in costume - Your night is full of it, but your candy bag is full only of sadness and a few pity chocolates, at least the owls put plenty of door knobs in your bag.

The night goes on, and things do not get any better. When the time comes, you say goodbye to your friends and start a slow, lonely swim home. The night air is cold and still, you watch patio lights turn off as you drag your feet along the sidewalk. At least you were able to see a bunch of cool decorations! The spider webs look amazing this year with all the jack-o-lanterns.

Only minutes from your house, you notice something odd. There seems to be no one outside, but you. Sure it’s late, but not that late. You could have sworn the streets were full only moments ago. You hear a quiet sound coming from behind you. You turn to see a slim black cat walking your direction, it stops a few feet away from you and sits down on the pavement. Mark takes off his fireman helmet to reveal a cowboy hat “I don’t like spiders!” he says, smiling at you before running away. The large spider meows as it walks toward you, you try to move, but your feet are stuck to the sidewalk!