The spider leans towards you, inches away! It’s mouth opens up and peels back. Hundreds of insects begin to crawl out.

You try to scream, but no sound escapes your mouth. You hear only the sound of a loud knocking, getting louder, and louder!

Then you wake up…Was that a nightmare? it felt so real.

It must have been. Whatever it was, it’s all over. You look over to the clock beside your bed, it’s almost two!…and you are starving. You head down to the kitchen to grab some food. Your father greets you downstairs “Well, look who decided to finally get out of bed, I told you staying up watching horror movies wasn’t a good idea. Happy Halloween kiddo!” he chuckles and heads off into the living room. You grab some food and spend your day getting ready for the big night, you even put a few last minute touches on your Dwarf costume. You’ve got the fake beard, armor that your Mom made for you out of cardboard, even a plastic sword and shield!

A few hours pass, and you start to get the early trick or treaters, mostly just the really young kids that can’t stay out too late. You help your folks hand out candy for a little while, keeping a vigilante eye on the time.

You’ve made plans to meet your friends outside the cemetery at six.