Thank You!

I honestly cannot say how much I enjoy constructing this website, It isn’t much, but it’s ours, and I appreciate each and every one of you that choose to spend time here.

I will try my best to set up some form of member system next year. I think forums of some sort would be really neat. When I was young, the internet was new; many websites were aimed at niche crowds, and they always felt like a paradise for nerds. I try my best to re-create that feeling.

Thank you, Adventurers!

I really appreciate you taking the time to brave my small corner of the internet.

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I am adding a special new product to my store.

STACEY is a small, self published art mag. I made it with two other artists.

My friend Stephanie Curtis, A high level wizard of graphite, and conjurer of paint!

Her work can be found at

And my friend Josh Power…

…former male prostitute.

He doesn’t have a website yet, check him out on instagram @sloshpower

Once they are gone, they are gone for good.

Lucky for you, we made a boat load!…

…so please buy one.

2018 Merchandise

As Of This February,

The Shop Will Be Stocked With All Sorts Of Fancy New Products!

Various Prints, A New Art Book (Along With An Old One, Previously Un-Released) My First Sticker, And Some Christmas Card Designs Will Also Be Available, Why Wait!

I Will Have A Few Originals Up For Grabs As Well.

All Products Will Be Sold For A Special Price On Launch Day, Stay Tuned.


Candy Cane Dragon Christmas Card

Candy Cane Dragon Christmas Card

Mischief Makers!

After years of failed attempts, I have finally started to build up a small list of characters I plan to use recurringly! I'll be introducing them slowly, as well as telling you about my plans for the future of the project.

Meet Bloody Benjamin!

This Muscled Freak has a Radical Robotic left arm, can wield Awesome magic, and his skull floats in a sphere...Full Of Bood!

He has a +2 to Evil Doing / Being Creepy.

Bloody Benjamin.jpg