Things look pretty hopeless, you haven’t got much to lose.

You take hold of two large bones from the sarcophagus, turn to your friends, and utter the words “ The only good skeleton, is a dead skeleton!” as soon as the words escape your mouth, you realize how silly you sound, knowing well the skeletons are already dead. You can only hope that your friends understood what you were trying to say.

Fortunately, there is no better encouragement than embarrassment! and with that, you rush toward the skeleton nearest to you and begin to swing the bones frantically at it’s rib cage. Bones begin to fly, as you smash up the skeleton with the bones of what you can only assume was another skeleton that had been previously smashed apart.

Your foe crumbles to the ground, you see Dogmeat ripping the other skeleton apart. Your friends grab some bones and charge back into the room filled with skeletons, Smashing everything in their path!

The room is a mess in no time, Bones scattered over the floor, chattering skulls without body, or limb.

…turns out skeletons aren’t that strong…they just look scary…and are strong enough to open doors.

On that note, one remaining skeleton still manages to grab hold of Mark.

He holds Mark firmly in the air, a skeletal hand over your friends mouth. Moving slowly backward toward the crypt entrance, he looks to you and cackles “Don’t try and follow me, or the boy get’s it - See?”