You look to Mark with determination “Come on man, You got this!”

Debra raises a fist to the air “We believe in you Mark, Show him who’s boss!”

Dogmeat Barks!

“You guys suck!” Mark shouts back to you, as the skeleton struggles to lift his foot onto the staircase behind him.

“Mark, wasn’t your mouth covered a second ago? This dude is literally falling to pieces as we speak” Debra says pointing to a lonely bone hand lying on the floor near Mark’s captor.

Mark lets out a heavy sigh, followed by a loud shout, as he swings his leg forward, and slams it back into the skeleton heel first! He kicks repeatedly, flailing around like an animal.

The skeleton looks to the three of you, despite having no face muscles, you can feel a sense of confusion. Mark’s display is kind of pathetic, but it’s still hard to not be proud of him for trying. The skeleton lowers his head in pity and shrugs “OH! Please, No more!” He cries. “I’ll let you go, kid. Just please spare me” he says, lowering Mark to the ground. Your friend rushes towards you with a wide smile. You look the skeleton in his eye sockets, and mouth the words “Thank you” - The skeleton flashes his assent with a thumbs up, and begins a slowly walk up the stairs.

Mark wastes no time telling his version of the tale, as though you were never there to begin with.

“First I gave him, on of these! and then on of those!” He says, appearing to mimic some form of karate in front you. Debra gives him a firm hug “I’m proud of you, Mark!” she smiles, as Dogmeat jumps up to lick his face.

As you celebrate, you notice multiple bones on the floor slowly shake, defying the laws of physics, moving toward one another. It would appear that some form of black magic is allowing the bones to piece themselves back together! Fortunately, they are moving painfully slow.


You guys need to get the heck out of this gosh dang cemetery.