It has been a crazy night!

The four of you start to head up the stairs, smiling back at one another, sharing some spontaneous laughter, happy to be alive.

As you reach the top of the steps, you can see that the fog has already thinned out,

“You know, it really hasn’t been that bad of a night” Mark says, rubbing his hands together as the cold air meets you.

“What are you talking about? We almost died, dude!” Debra replies, gently pushing Mark on the shoulder.

Mark chuckles and gives Debra small push back “I’m just saying, we really had an adventure this Halloween! We may not have gotten any candy out of the deal, But I got out of my comfort zone, we overcame some wild stuff, and even made a new friend!”

Dogmeat barks in agreement!

“I guess your right. It’s definitely a Halloween I will never forget, that’s for sure!” Debra says placing her hands behind her head. The three of you continue back through the cemetery, heading the way you originally came. The air is colder, and it’s much quieter now, it must be really late!

As the three of you near the cemetery gate, you hear a raspy voice call out from behind you “You there!”

You turn to look, and come face to face with another skeleton! Looks like things aren’t over yet. The skeleton is tall, he is holding two large bags of what appear to be…chips? Mark nudges you with his elbow and points to the shoes on the skeleton’s feet.

“Don’t suppose you kids could help an old skeleton out, any chance you guys know where Calvin’s Crypt is? I’m late for a party, but I lost directions somewhere, and I’ve been wandering around for ages!”

The End