Play some spooky instrumental music, and cozy up by the fire.

Let us begin our tale...

The wait is finally over!

It’s Halloween. Only a few hours to go, and you will be swimming in a sea of candy!

You have made plans to meet your friends, you have a pillow case ready to maximize your candy carrying capacity, and best of all, you have your costume ready to…

…oh my… You don’t have a costume ready?

You had a year to prepare for this! You have literally drawn maps of the best neighborhoods, talked your parents into letting you stay out late, you carved eight pumpkins this month, and at no point did you think that maybe it was a good idea to have a costume ready, what were you thinking?

Everyone knows that kids without a costume have to listen to adults all night, tell them that they are clearly too old to trick or treat. Wearing a costume is half the fun of trick or treating in the first place!

You need to meet your friends in two hours, you had better to put together a costume, and fast!