You run towards the door, only making it half way through the room before you hear the blood curdling scream of your friend Mark!

You turn just in time to see your friend in the skeletons grasp, as the foul creature leans toward him with an open jaw, looking to take a bite. Dogmeat lets out a loud bark, and jumps on the attacker, causing the skeleton to lose it’s grip on your friend. The skeleton is thrown to the ground., Mark runs to join you and Debra, Dogmeat follows shortly after a few barks toward the skeleton.

Multiple coffins begin to break open, you watch in horror, as more skeletons begin to crawl out from within them. Now regrouped, you turn tail toward the door. You can hear the skeletons move slowly behind you, joined by the sound of more coffins cracking open! You reach the door and push it open. The room is small and dusty, red glowing candles surround a single open sarcophagus in the rooms center. The sarcophagus is filled with a random assortment of bones, a strange bowl of liquid sits at it’s center, surrounded by ritualistic chalices.

Mark slams the door closed behind you “Quick!” he says, “Give me your sword!”