You toss Mark the toy sword. He doesn’t catch it at first, you just watch as his hands snap up to cover his scrunched face. After hitting the ground, Mark quickly picks up the sword, and slides in through the door handle. “That should buy us some time” Mark says proudly, wiping the sweat from his brow.

Debra fights to catch her breath “Dude, What? That thing is made out of plastic, they’ll bust that door down in no time”

“With what?” Mark replies “The muscles they don’t have?” He looks to you with a shrug, as the door behind him is easily pushed open, snapping your cool knights blade in twain.

Your friends scream, as two large skeletons invade the small space. You group up on the opposite side of the sarcophagus and look to one another. You can see a handful of skeletons slowly follow behind the invaders, dragging their feet towards you.

This REALLY sucks!

It would seem as though you have reached a dead end. Nothing to do now, except hope for a quick and mostly painless death.