Smart move! who knows what’s going on in there, I certainly don’t want to find out.

The three of you head away from the cemetery to go trick or treating! You visit all of the best streets, you even have to made a few mad dashes home to empty your candy bag! The three of you trick or treat into the late hours of the night, right until people start telling you it’s too late, and you are greeted at most houses with a sign on the door, simply stating there is no more candy. All your hard work has definitely paid off, you have enough candy to last you for months if you you play your cards right. Who knows, maybe you’ll still have candy by next Halloween! Though it’s doubtful.

You and your friends end the night in your buddy Marks back yard, hanging out in his tree house until his parents tell you it’s time to go home. Your parents pick you up from your friends house, you can slowly feel yourself drift off to sleep in the back seat of the car.

It was a perfect Halloween, you had a blast with your friends, obtained more candy than you ever have before, and nothing too crazy happened…I suppose, things could have been more interesting had you gone inside that cemetery. But who knows.

Happy Halloween!