The four of you head swiftly into the crypt to escape the fog. Wide, cracked stone steps lead you deep into the earth. At the bottom, you find yourself in a large, torch lit room; Coffins fill the sunken hollows, littered throughout the jagged stone walls. At the far end of the of the room, a large wooden door sits open ever so slightly, red light bleeding through it. Dogmeat starts to whimper, his eyes fixed on the far wall.

“I’m sure it will come as no shock, but I do not like this at all!” Mark whispers in a harsh tone.

“What are we supposed to do, we can’t go back outside, the fog is too thick!” Debra whispers back in a tone, slightly more harsh than Marks

“Looks as though you kids are here to join the party!” Dogmeat says in a even MORE harsh….wait.

Dogmeat couldn’t have said that, that would be ridiculous! I mean, Dogmeat is right in front of you, and his mouth didn’t move, and he’s growling at the skeleton that crept up behind you guys while you were talking.