“That is literally the dumbest option” Mark replies, looking at you with a judgmental stare.

He’s not wrong

“Yeah, but aren’t you guys curious?” Debra says, pushing open the gate, taking a couple of dramatic steps inside.

Mark raises a finger, and clear his throat loudly “My mom says people should stop using the word guys, when referring to a mixed group of people, unless you ask if they are okay with it first. It doesn’t respect girls equally”

Debra takes a second before replying “Well, you literally just called me Dude a second ago, but whatever! Let’s go Gals!”

Mark lowers his head and lets out a dramatic sigh

Debra put’s her over sized teddy bear head back on, and lowers her hands “Oh, and Mark. If we run in to any bad guys… I’ll maul em!” she growls moving her arms in front of herself like a dinosaur. You clang the hilt of your sword into the front of your shield and move in.

“…we’re going to get stabbed” you can hear Mark sigh from behind you, as he slowly drags his feet to join the two of you, quietly murmuring something to himself about Debra not listening.

Your head is full exclusively with thoughts regarding your stupidity, this is in no way a good idea….But! You want to look cool, don’t you? So into the cemetery it is. The three of you move slowly, doing your best to keep quiet, eyes darting around the area, ears perked up. You feel Debra tap your shoulder, turning to look at her, she gestures to the ground. foot prints!

You’re not an outdoors man, or an adult, so you don’t really know if the prints are fresh, or even significant, but they are indeed footprints! Far as you are concerned, the only information you have gained, is knowing the person who left the footprints is a shoe owner.