Super Short Stories




"Jesus Christ!" The man cried, arching his neck back with his eyes wide toward the heavens, downing his drink.

"YES!" He repeated, throwing his face side to side

"Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes ,Yes!"

The bar patrons looked on, as he proceeded to rise from his seat & assault his glass once more.

More verbal praise, along with vigorous laughter, flowed from him and filled the room, like a swarm of bees that...filled the room.

A nearby woman recoiled, As tears began to ride the mans face like a highway to Chin city.

"Oh Baby, Drinking this is to be cradled by god himself."

The words followed his necktie, as it raced into the air.

His shirt followed, chasing the tie with the passion of a young lover.

The room was spinning, when gravity opened its arms to embrace him.

His lips went toward the now empty glass, but arrived second to his tongue, which danced around the edge.


The Bartender said, holding a firm hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry she left you, But you have to get the fuck out of here."






His wife sat on the opposite end of the table.

The dining room had been a quiet place for years, that felt more like a graveyard for the meals had in it.

Every now and again, she would invite her fake smile to join them for a moment. 

There was no love left in this marriage, he knew this.

He longed for changed, in fact...he required it.

She lowered her head into her magazine, like a dog to water. 

And at that moment, something caught his eye, from the kitchen beyond.

Between the fridge and the microwave, lay a knife.

He had thoughts before, but never truly tempted them as reality.

But today was different.

"After she goes to sleep" He thought to himself.

"One thrust, then I keep twisting it until the job is done."

A subtle grin slowly appeared on his lips.

"Yes, tonight...I am having sex with a cantaloupe, Tonight.





Summer Love

  "Oh, My." 

He thought to himself as Britney let her hair down.

"Oh Benjamin"

She said with a smile, gazing at his teeth

The two had a gorgeous spot in the sun, on the side of Lake Taffy.

"Catch me Benjamin!"

said Britney, thrusting herself towards him.

She was heavy for a woman, and Benjamin had to shuffle his feet to avoid falling, but he caught her.

  "...Oh Britney"

He cried

  "I love you ever so much!"

"I love you too"

Britney giggled, holding one hand to her mouth.

"Twirl me in the air, Oh Benjamin won't you?"

  "Sorry Darling, But I should be so lucky as to lift you an inch from the ground, let alone twirl you."

"Oh I don't mind, let us pretend then!"

The two laughed in each others arms

  "Oh Britney !"

"Oh Benjamin !" 

It was One Thirty-seven in the afternoon, The most perfect time in the world far as the two of them were concerned.

...And that's when the murders started.