Two lips.

Pressed together.

Like two ladies!

Two Ladies kissing.


I'm drunk.

I can't write a poem right now.

Way too much wine.

I should have wrote a poem about grapes.

Two grapes kissing.












No time to look back,

You have to be brave

You need to go further, into the cave.

What was that sound,

A monster perhaps?

Come closer, I shout!

Say hello to my axe!

…It's a pickaxe.

I don't have an proper axe.

Well I do, but it's only really practical for chopping wood.

Which is odd, because you think getting hit with an axe would hurt a great deal, if not killing you outright.

I'm going to die down here.

I'm lost anyway.


Gotta Get them Diamonds Baby!



"Oh Yes!"

"God Dammit that's good."

"I really am liking that!"

"Keep doing that exact thing."

"Oh, Good Heavens."


"...Alright, That's less good."

"Can you try doing that first thing again?"


"Yeah, that's not going to work."

"You tried"

"Thanks anyway."


Guy Fieri is in my garden.

Guy Fieri is in my garden

I don't know what to say.

What did I do wrong, I ask?

For things to be this way.

Guy Fieri is in my garden

He must have heard there's chicken wings.

But he just keeps digging through the dirt

And eating other things.

His skin is like an orange

His hair is bright as gold.

Would calling him a bleached land whale

Be a touch too bold?

Guy Fieri is in my garden

He's begun to gag and heave.

I know he's eaten too much dirt

But he simply just won't leave.

I've tried many times to tell him

Sir, this isn't funny.

But every time I do

He just looks and say "That's Money!"


all who wander

Unfamiliar faces, looking at me, as I slowly pass by.

Unfamiliar trees, sway, reaching out for the sky.

Unfamiliar houses, cascade the red city streets.

Unfamiliar music, with upside down beats.

Unfamiliar animals, with bionic enhancements.

Where the fuck am I?