Back in 2011, I made a web comic with my friend Josh Power. It was our first web site, and it actually held some decent traffic for a good while, despite our art skills being minimal at the time, and our use of limited comic frames was in desperate need of work. Ultimately, the website played out as more of a learning experience. We set ourselves a goal of two comics a week, we weren’t able to maintain the level of quality we hoped for, and eventually, we had to pull the plug on the domain. Overall, it was a tremendously fun project that I look back on with a lot of fond memories. I was terrible at organizing my files back then, out of thirty or so comics, I have been able to uncover very few of the original files - to my knowledge, only two or three of the comics on this page are the final copies, displayed on the original website, the rest are early drafts. These are all that remain of “I Dreamt Of Bees”

Bear comic.png

At the time of this being written, I am twenty-seven years old. I still sleep with a teddy bear, as a matter of fact, he’s leaned up beside me as I type. I’ve had my stuffed buddy from the age of two, when we started the web comic, I knew that I wanted to include him in one. This was possibly my favorite comic from the series, as it is by far the most personal. If I ever start the web comic back up, I will definitely be doing this one again, it still makes me smile.


I really wish I could find the final draft of this comic, I must have redone it five times at least. My ability to draw anatomy at the time was god awful, but I still get a kick from the final frame.

This one is interesting, I was extremely unhappy with my artistic ability at the time, and this comic was really good to help push my ability forward. This may be the first time I ever used a reference photo to draw a figure ( I was beyond stubborn with art, and refused to take certain steps until I was in my twenties) I took photos of myself for the first and last frame of this comic. The end image was drawn using a photograph of myself in a housecoat, I couldn’t grow anything that resembled facial hair at the time, so the beard suffered as a result. Believe it or not, that stupid frame took me a good hour or two to draw, and I didn’t get it right until about fifteen or twenty attempts. The final comic had a slightly more polished first and second frame, but the end product still held a rather inconsistent feel, as I had to rush out the final product to meet that weeks deadline.


This one could use a major update regarding the art quality, but I still think this one is funny as hell.


This is the best representation of what a completed comic looked like on the website, honestly, if I were to redo this one today, it would probably look quite similar. I always wanted my comics to be simple, and clean looking. I still think I find too much humor in this one…I don’t recall it being very popular.


I think this could have been done better. An electric eggbeater, opposed to a whisk, would have been a much higher return comic.


Damn. Josh really had me beat in terms of artistic ability at the time….and still has me beat. Regardless, I found myself having to explain this one to a fair amount of people, but those who got it without explanation seemed to get a real kick out of it. It was his first addition to the web comic.


Another one of Josh’s entries, I’m fairly certain I came up with the idea for this one, although there is a good chance that is just wishful thinking, as Josh is a far more comedic person than myself. I cannot recall if the final version was full color or not, but I still love this comic.

This comic was based off a conversation I had with my friend Julian, we were discussing the coolest way to dine and dash. Just to clarify, there is nothing more cool than paying after you eat…but flying off a rooftop restaurant is a close second. credit for the gag goes to Jules for this one. I think my top idea was going to a restaurant by the water with an oxygen tank in your back pack and saying “Sea you later!” as you jumped out a window, and swam away. I still think it gets a ton of style points, but doesn’t translate to comic format nearly as well.