Film Reviews

Hardcore Henry (2015)


The Terminator (1984)


Rear window (1954)

Rear Window, is a magical film.

Hitchcock is one of my favorite film makers, so please read the following knowing that I have a bias opinion.

This movie is a dialogue driven mystery, Arguably the best type of picture,

This is a spoiler free review, Because I want everyone to watch this film with as little information possible. Regarding the film, that is. The casting is brilliant, the writing…Brilliant, And the execution?

Yes, It is Brilliant!

I may as well just start selling you on Hitchcock films, and ditch the specifics.

Rear Window is special. I have seen the Hitchcock library ten times over. I am truly envious of his ability, and I must say. This film is among his best work.

Rear Window is perfection. I try my hardest to reserve use of that word, this film, however, is without a doubt, deserving.

Spoiler free, means spoiler free. So I shall not say anything direct. This film made me cry tears of admiration, every second is incredible. Films such as this make reviewing a difficult task, as I am left almost speechless at the thought of it, For lovers of mystery, characters, dialogue, and above all else, a good story. Please. Watch this film. Reviews are meant to be informative, Spoilers free, or otherwise.

That said, please, allow my lack of information to serve as the highest praise. Watch this movie.

Rear Window, is art at it’s finest.


You're next (2011)


I’m writing this one drunk…so cut me some slack.

Actually, Don’t cut me any slack. Don’t drink and write, kids.

Listen, I waited three years for this movie (I saw a leaked trailer) Three years I waited! And Damn, This movie was worth the wait!

Honestly, I’m not the best at writing reviews, I am sure you have noticed, It would have made much more sense for me to record these reviews vocally; I love the sound of my own voice, and I have what they call “The gift of gab”, so say at least six “real” people.

This movie is full of flavor! Not only does it draw inspiration from our favorite 80’s horror classics, but it has a truly unique vibe as well. “You’re Next” is something of what you may call a role reversal on the classic home invasion sub-genre of horror. I don’t want to go to in depth here, as I did not put any sort of Spoiler Free warning on this review. This movie is just a treat, and isn’t that what horror fans want? We want treats! We were kids once, and I have a feeling that I am not the only one who misses the feeling of Trick or Treating. As we get older, we look to other sources for our fix. I hand out candy on Halloween these days, and I have to say, it is a DAMN close second to the thrill of being a kid on the night. I don’t know if I am making sense here, but Halloween is a dope holiday, regardless which side of the door you are on; Treats rarely come in the form of candy, for an adult that is. If you love Horror films! There is no treat like that of a good horror flick. This movie is clearly a labor of love, it deserves to be watched, it deserves to be loved. If you haven;t seen it, it makes for a PERFECT Halloween night movie.

…Is this coherent?

Trick Question! Don’t Care!

Here’s my Review. “It’s Really Good”

Robocop (1987)

Fuck Yeah.

This movie is Rad. Robocop is packed full of action, special effects, and some of the best one liners you'll ever hear. The movie also has its own theme song, and it always kicks in at the perfect moment.

Seriously, Robocop is absolutely righteous!

Go watch this movie, It will blow your mind, Rock your world, Et cetera.

If you've already seen it, Watch it again you dummy, Movies are good more than once.

I'm done here, I'm going to go watch Robocop!


Highlander (1986)


Righteous Good, Brutal Evil, Sean Connery, and an all Queen Soundtrack! 

Two immortals must face each other in deadly combat, to fight for the "The Prize".

A Kind/Noble swordsman, And a Murderous fiend, hungry for  power.

Highlander is a truly outstanding tale! This is some of the greatest story telling I have seen in the traditional film format, basically, it makes great use of the screen time. Despite the fact there is a lot of vagueness early in the film, The audience is left with an incredible sense of understanding at the end. I find the movie answered just the right amount of questions, leaving me satisfied, yet still absorbed in the endless mystery of this unique world. Visually, you will be treated to gorgeous set designs, classic/interesting effects, and some seriously cool camera work. 

If you have a passion for sound, you will be Grooving on the soundtrack. Queen really seals in the 80's flavor to this masterpiece, with a list of original songs that fit each scene flawlessly. 

Prepare to fall in love with the protagonists (At least most of them...I always preferred Heather to Brenda...maybe you won't...If you don't know who I am talking about STOP READING, watch the damn film, It's Good!) you'll slowly get to know each one of them. The diverse array of personalities really makes for some interesting on screen chemistry...

...I mean REALLY interesting. The Main Character is portrayed by French Actor Christopher Lambert, who at the time could barely speak english, His character (Connor Macleod) is an English speaking Scottish man born in 1518, he has traveled the globe, and by 1985 resides in New York...and he sounds like it.

Opposite our hero, One of the most deliciously horrible villains you can imagine, The Kurgan is the epitome of an evil-doer, And it's difficult to not love how exquisitely sinister he is.

An authentically unique gem among fantasy films, Highlander is almost too good for us mere mortals.

I love this movie.

Do yourself a favor and ignore the sequels...In the end, there can be only one.


Enter the void (2009)

What is this film about?

You tell me.

Enter the Void is an audio visual experience like no other, both hauntingly beautiful, and horrifying. The film is shot from a first person point of view, and does an incredible job of pulling the viewer in, while reality slowly disappears around you. Drugs and death play a large role in the film, you are giving knowledge early on regarding the subjects, and will be using it to puzzle solve throughout the ride. Focus is definitely required, provided you want to leave with some idea of what the hell you just watched, and if you watch as a group, prepare to hear some different opinions when it's over. The film does not waste your time, the opening credit sequence lets you know Exactly what you are about to get yourself into. If you choose to stick around, hold on tight, you are about to enter... the Void. 


Enjoy your trip. 

An American werewolf in london (1981)


This movie is a magnificent example of how an existing idea can be re-worked into something new and improved.

Everyone knows the tale of the Wolf man, An American Werewolf In London presents a unique version of the classic dish, that is absolutely dripping with flavor. The film starts out with two friends (David and Jack) on a backpacking trip, they eventually find themselves somewhat lost, and venture into a small nearby town...things get weird for the two of them quickly. The townsfolk make the outsiders feel very uncomfortable, and they wander out into the night. David and Jack soon find themselves under attack by a werewolf, only David survives. 

This film does a great job of setting a tone, the atmosphere changes constantly, and it does a great job of helping viewers feel the emotion of the characters. The majority of the movie is spent watching Davids emotional state slowly fall apart, this is achieved with dream sequences, behavior change, blackouts, and hallucinations...

...they are hallucinations, right? One of my favorite things about the film, is Jack.

Jack is Davids long time friend, and when he is killed by the werewolf early on, you are left to believe his role in the film is over. Jack appears to David multiple time after the attack, more and more decayed each time. Only David can see Jack, And the interactions between the two throughout the film are some of the most memorable moments. This movie has excellent value in a second viewing, for those who enjoy analyzing films, and has earned a spot among my favorite films to watch during the Halloween season each year.


Free fire (2017)

This movie is fucking awesome!

I had the chance to see this beauty opening night at a local theater, there must have been no more than twenty people, which made for a very intimate and enjoyable viewing of this masterpiece.

The film is an hour and a half long shoot out.

In my opinion, that is the best amount of information to go into this film with.

No more, no less.

I don't see this as the type of movie to leave anyone on the fence, you'll either love it or hate it, and you'll know which end you are on soon after it begins.

Blackhat (2015)

Not very good, and it's pretty long.

Sleepaway camp (1983)

I honestly don't know how to start this.

This film is a very acquired taste, I can say that much for sure.

The story takes place at a summer camp for youngsters and moody teenagers, Run by the weirdest mixed bag of adults you've ever seen, unless you are partial to films by Writer/Director/Producer John Waters.

All is adequate...Until the murders start!

Yes, this is another "Murderer at Summer Camp" movie, but it is not without it's own unique flavor, and inevitable twist.

In my opinion, this film falls in the category of being so bad that it's good. From a technical stand point, The writing is poor, the acting is bad, and the attention to detail is almost non-existent. However, the film is truly a hidden gem for old-school horror fans looking to find something different. This film is bizarre in a way that makes for an undoubtedly hilarious group viewing experience for those who enjoy commenting over top bad films.

I was first shown this movie by my friend Julian, I couldn't understand why he was so excited for others to see this until recently forgotten piece of garbage, Now, We have a long going tradition of hosting group viewings for new friends who have not seen it, and the experience is always memorable.

It's a slow burn, but stick around until the end before making your final judgement, you won't regret it...Actually, I really think you might, one way to find out.