There may be something else of interest here, you ask your friends to take a quick look before going any further.

“Okay, but I’m not going anywhere by myself!” Mark says, staring at the bloody writing. Debra tussles his dark curly hair, and gives him a gentle punch in the shoulder “I’ll keep you company, you dweeb”

You head around the left side of the building, as your friends go to inspect the right. A minute or two passes, the fog is starting to make it difficult to see very far, and you can’t see much of interest in the nearby vicinity. As you turn around to head back to the crypt entrance, you here something behind you, and it’s moving toward you at a frightening rate!

You run! But whatever is behind you is far too fast, you turn the corner to see your friends already returned. Their faces reel back with horror, as you are attacked from behind and knocked to the ground, by a hideous, hairy, drooling creature! It pins you to the ground, and pants ferociously, as it licks your face. It would appear that your attacker is an overly excited, friendly dog - A blue heeler by the looks of it!

Debra, and Marks expressions turn to joy, as they rush over the greet your new friend!