• October.13.2017

My store will be open early next year, I will be releasing some very limited color variants of "Bitten"

This is not a large image, so prints will most likely be 6x9.


I am holding an art contest on instagram!

See the Media page for information on how to enter.

There are three prizes to be won, You can see third place by clicking here.



  • June.4.2017

I'll be re-working the gallery over the next while.

Thinking of having two separate sections (Fantasy & Horror)

If you have any ideas regarding easier navigation, feel free to let me know via the Contact section.


  • May.30.2017

UPDATE: Prints and other merchandise should be available sooner than originally planned.

Thank you to everyone who has been showing interest in my work lately, It has been absolutely fantastic!

I'll be doing my best to bring you all some great stuff in the next couple months.


  • May.16.2017

Half way through my Thirty one day drawing challenge, Check it out on instagram (Media page)

I will be announcing some new projects early next month, stay tuned.


  • May.1.2017

Today is the start of my Thirty-one days of fantasy monsters drawing challenge!

It's going to be something, I can tell you that much.

Check it out via the media link up top.


  • April.27.2017

I will be doodling fantasy monsters every day for all of May.

Thirty-one freaky creatures in Thirty-one freaky days?

I must be a damn fool!

I will be posting on instagram (Link on the bottom of this page) each night, at Midnight! Starting May 1.

Join The Fun!


  • April.20.2017

Currently working on getting the web store up and running (Getting Prints made, figuring out packaging, working out the legal mumbo jumbo, etc.) I am spending a lot of time working on images for prints, and getting them professionally photographed and scanned to guarantee quality. Lots to do, Aiming for fall this year.  


  • April.9.2017

I am currently working on several new projects, Updates will be posted soon.

Lot's a rad stuff on the way!


  • April.1.2017

Hello, I'm Cole.

  Welcome to CoolBasaraba.com, This page is where I will be sharing updates regarding projects & events.