Music reviews

Mastodon - Emperor of sand

The boys are at it again, and God Damn did they Deliver!

Emperor of Sand is the seventh studio album by Mastodon, jam packed with pieces of everything fans love from their previous work, as well some excellent new sounds. This album truly is a great reflection of how much the band has evolved over the years, the music is tight, rhythmic, well structured and beautifully sewn together.

This album is a journey. Although I would recommend every album be listened to at least once without distraction, I cannot emphasize enough, how much this album deserves your full, undivided attention for at least one listen. Mastodon has the great ability to place unique sounds in their music, that feel like little gems, or hidden treasures, and Emperor of Sand is absolutely riddled with them. Metal head, or lover of Rock music, This is one hell of a great album, and I highly recommend you check it out.

That Poppy - BubbleBath

Bubblebath is a four track extended play (EP) by the internets queen of weird, Poppy. If you like sickeningly sweet Pop music...this album actually may not be for you. The music is surprisingly well composed, and although it uses a lot of the same traditional hooks that modern pop music relies on, it supplies a great amount of depth and unique flavor as you work through each song. Sure, each song may not be the most lyrically engaging, but the whole experience, although brief, is a musical vacation worth taking. Bubblebath starts out full of energy, which increases until the last track, when you are shown out to a much slower song, that changes the mood completely. Overall, Bubblebath is a great taste test for anyone interested in the artist. 

Night Riots

This review is not of any particular album, rather of the band itself.

I have been following these guys for a long time, from a time when the band was known as PK.

I have been nothing short of impressed from the start, The boys are absolutely bad ass, super driven, talented musicians. The band definitely spread their wings in terms of change, but they also carry a very unique atmosphere with them at all times. One thing I truly love about Night Riots, is attention to the bands visual style, A particular mix of Halloween, 80's aesthetic, and selective color. This creates a very full audio visual experience for those who want more after listening to the music on its own. Going back through some of the older music these guys put out, it's easy to see that they are not afraid to grow and try new things, while staying true to their vision at the same time, something that takes a great deal of care to perform. I'm aware I basically said the same thing twice in different words, But trust me, the point is worth emphasizing. 

Authentically catchy rock music, not lacking substance, I truly feel there is a lot in store for the future of Night Riots, And I cannot wait to see it.